On Summer, Ceramics, & The Dahlia King

We are in the thick of summer now. The fields at the farm have all been sown in cover crops of Sunn Hemp, Buckwheat, and Iron and Clay Peas. Last season's crew has departed, leaving the barn feeling quiet and still. The pace is slower, more relaxed, allowing more time for reflecting and dreaming. There are no flowers in our fields now. Only seed orders being compiled, new varieties being researched, planting schedules being drafted. _DSC0650

Having no flowers in our fields during the height of summer is part of the natural rhythm of our farming cycle. The land needs time to rest. We need time to rest. But during these months I do miss growing plants and watching them bloom. So much so I have found myself calling flower friends nearby and inviting myself to their fields for some flower therapy. Last week I called Jon at Cottage Gardens , Gainesville's Dahlia King.  He's been trailing over 300 varieties in his gardens over the past ten years and has some amazing flowers to show for it. Florida is not exactly the most hospitable climate for Dahlias. It can be done, but is most certainly a labor of love.


It was a great joy to pair Jon's flowers with locally crafted vessels that ceramic artist Bianca Williams made for us. It's my goal to have these beauties filled with flowers from our farm available to order in our new online shop (stay tuned).


This partnership between florist and ceramicist is one I've seen forming across the country and beyond lately. Check out Saipua and Pistil and Stamen among others. I'm so thankful for the slower pace of the summer months that allowed time for this dream to come to fruition.