This Week {off} the Farm: Week 10 Angel Gardens

_DSC0637 I was enchanted the moment I stepped onto the homestead of Pam Greenewald. The air was rich with the scent of magnolias and gardenias and everywhere you looked there were stunning roses in bloom.  My friend Lane told me a few weeks ago that I absolutely must visit this place.  He was right.


I first met Pam last year at a workshop we hosted on the farm.  I gave a small seminar on flowers and I remember she sat in the front row and shared lots of information with the group. I was so thrilled when she graciously invited us to her place for an afternoon stroll through the gardens.  Pam has been growing roses for 30 years and is a tremendous wealth of information.  I was astounded to learn that she propagates nearly 2,000 different types of roses on her property.  YAY! More cool things you can grown in Florida!!  You can check out all of the varieties here.


It's always amazing  to spend time with people who have been perfecting their craft for so long.  As we walked, Pam casually pulled her pruners from her belt and tended to plants by snipping dead growth off.   She showed us so many awesome plants, each one with a story.  A particular favorite of the group was a rose named Tipsy Imperial Concubine.


I'm super stoked to try my hand at growing a few roses that Pam selected for me!  If I'm lucky I'll get a few blooms to use in some special wedding work.  She even snipped a few cuttings from her Dahlia for me to try. Sweetness!  We also dug up a few coral vine plants for me to take home. I used to love this plant when my mom grew it in her garden.


I left Pam's place feeling inspired and like I need to step up my perennial plant collection.  So many plants, so little time!