This Week on the Farm: Week 9

_DSC0577 This time of year can be challenging.  As the days grow hotter and we approach the end of our season, part of me is relieved to have a break to look forward to and part of me wants to keep going-- to keep growing.


The volume of blooms coming out of the field is decreasing and the overall workload is lessening.  I've been joking with Chelsea lately saying "What are we going to do with ourselves now that we won't be making bouquets until 10:00 on Friday nights?!"


I'm looking forward to planning and to dreaming this summer.  And to growing a bit too.  I can't help myself!  We've sown a little of this and that for a small summer cutting garden.  We'll see how it does.


I'm also looking forward to visiting some farms locally and abroad this summer.  I just came across the website for Jubilee Flower Farm this week.  It's located just outside of Tallahassee and looks super rad! Definitely need to check them out.


We're scheduled to visit a local rose farm later this week.  Can't wait to share it with you!