This Week on the Farm: Week 5

_DSC0223 Spring is glorious.  I feel like everywhere I go in Gainesville these days my nose is filled with the sweet scents of Jasmine and  Magnolia flowers.  My neighbors have a large arbor covered with Jasmine in full bloom right now.  It makes me think of my dad--it's his favorite flower.


I was chatting with Chelsea while cutting stems and decided that Nigella is my favorite flower this week.  It's so delicate and dreamy and has come in on such long stems this season!  And what's even more awesome is when the flower has passed, it produces an equally awesome pod that is perfect for fresh or dried arrangements!



When we started cutting Sweet Peas, I decided I have two favorite flowers this week. I can't believe we've never grown these before! The scent is so amazing.  Definitely trying them again next season.


This week I had the pleasure of cutting flowers with some young ladies from Suncoast Waldorf school. They spent the whole week camping at the farm and learning different skills from folks on our team.  We strolled through the gardens and selected stems for them to use to make flower crowns.  It was great to watch them create their little works or art.


Each day that passes in the fields brings something new.  Some Gladiolus opened this week in our keyhole garden.  These volunteered from old bulbs we planted a few seasons back.  Next year I will get my bulb order in on time and grow more of these majestic blooms.


The Queen Anne's Lace and Larkspur are still producing copious amounts of stems.  Last Friday we raced the sunset to get everything we could cut for market the next morning.



Tuesday morning I drug the crew out to the sunflower patch for a farmily portrait.  They were a bit sleepy still, but they entertained my flowery request.  I can't express enough what an amazing group of people these guys are.  It's hard to believe that our official season will be coming to an end in a few short months.


Whats blooming in your neck of the woods?  I'd love to hear about it!