This Week on the Farm: Week 4

_DSC1064 It’s amazing how fast the season is changing.  The  beds of Snapdragons, Bells of Ireland,  and Calendula that were producing buckets and buckets of stems are now past their prime.  The Statice beds that were so beautiful the week of the festival have now faded and withered with the rain and heat.  It happens so quickly and I am sad to see them go.


But just as quickly, new crops are coming into their time.  I can hardly believe the zinnias and marigolds are already in bloom.  I'm so thankful for our later sowing of snaps and baby's breath that are flowering now.  The thistle-like eryngium are coloring up, and the purple Dara Ammi Queen Anne's lace is supplying steady armfulls of umbels.
The sunflowers are beginning to reign king in the fields, demanding to be harvested daily.  Keeping up with harvesting sunflowers is like keeping up with harvesting squash-nealy impossible.  By the time you’ve finished picking a bed, more have bloomed behind you.  We’re experimenting with planting ours four rows in the bed six to eight inches apart this season to try to save on space.  The beds are so thick and densely canopied it feels like being engulfed in a sea of sunflowers when entering the patch.
Lately we’ve been racing the rain to harvest all the stems before their petals become saturated.
This is the first season trying our hands at Sweet Peas!  They are coming in with super short stems as are the Chinese Forget me Nots. Better luck next time.

I'm struggling to keep up with my commitment of one blog post per week. "This week on the farm" is turning into "...Last week on the farm."  But I will not be discouraged!

Last Friday evening Emily graced our bouquet making session with wine and some of her very own artisan cheese.  What a treat!  It was such fuel and inspiration to keep the flower party rocking.  She even jumped in and put some masterpieces together herself.  Gotta love it.  Beautiful chaos.