This Week on the Farm: Week 3

_DSC0785 Where to begin.  The past seven days were such a blur.  We worked all week balancing keeping the farm running as usual with preparing to host our spring festival.  It was amazing to see everything the crew is capable of accomplishing.


Tuesday evening we cut flowers until sunset while sipping cucumber gimlets.  There are some amazing nigella I forgot I sowed starting to bloom in the larkspur patch. Their beauty was so striking to come upon in the evening light.


I was expecting to be  stressed with the pressure of everything we had to do, but instead by Friday I was feeling completely calm.  Everything seemed to be falling seamlessly into place.  The crew coordinated and executed an exceptional Farm to Table dinner with special guest farmer extraordinaire, Joel Salatin.   Mr. Salatin owns Polyface Farm in Virginia and has written extensively on small farms and local food systems. He was featured in Micahel Pollan's The Omnivores Dilemma and  the award winning documentary, Food Inc.


Members of the community including local farmers gathered around the table and shared stories about different growing practices and philosophies.   It's an experience I'm still marinating on.


My favorite part of the week by far was sharing the farm and the festival with my family.  My mom, dad, niece, and nephew all came to visit for the weekend.  It was such a joy to share the fruits of our labor with them.



There is nothing quite like seeing the farm through a child's eyes.  Everything becomes marvelous and wonderful and full of joy.  I could hardly keep up with them as they sprinted up the hill to harvest peas and strawberries.  Then, back down the hill to pick cucumbers and squash.  "This one is the crown jewel!" my nephew exclaimed upon discovering a giant cucumber.  Can't argue with that.