This Week on the Farm: Week 1

_DSC0224 There is abundance and life all around the farm these days.  It’s my favorite season but it can also be the most hectic.  We’ve been asking ourselves if we are crazy, lately, as we hustle to harvest our CSA, market and restaurant orders amidst new calves being born, a creamery being built, preparing for our spring festival next month, hosting a wedding this weekend, and inviting local school groups to the farm for field trips next week.  Then, of course,  after we finally planted the bulk of our warm season crops, and the squash and cucumbers have begun to flower, the forecast dropped to 36 degrees on Saturday night. Too close for comfort.  Out comes the frost cloth again.  I’m always in denial when I see a forecast like that, mostly because I’m trying to figure out if there is any possible way to avoid hours of extra work schlepping sand bags between rows, erecting  wire hoops and pulling cloth.  But then, memory of a last year's late, unexpected frost reminds me that we have to do our due diligence.  I was just telling Noah how I felt like we got off too easy with the mild winter this season. What can you do.


There is the most amazing meadow of wildflowers blooming  along the driveway right now.  I admire it each morning we drive up the hill to the top fields.  I want to lay in it and bask in all its glory.  Instead I snap a few photographs and make my way to the snapdragon patch to begin harvesting.  I place my tin bucket at the head of the bed, take my snips from my apron and begin the rhythmic movements of cutting and then removing the bottom leaves -snip-strip-snip-strip-snip-strip. The snaps are so awesome right now.  They are a pleasure to cut and they smell like bubblicious chewing gum._DSC0333
The fields are bursting with blooms.  The first sunflowers opened this week.  We planted thousands of sunflowers in succession this spring.  I hope we can keep up with the picking when they start rolling in. The patch of Agrostemma is magical.  There is no way I can cut them all. They really dance in the breeze.
This week James and Chelsea helped me cut stems for the first time this spring.  It sounds silly, but it takes a lot for me to let go of anything having to do with the flowers.  I feel like a mother hen, protective and territorial over them.  But I am so grateful for the help. There is no way I can do it all myself. I would never sleep.
Thursday night I arranged centerpieces and a bridal bouquet for this weekend’s wedding.  The couple was incredibly sweet and trusting of the farm and gave us so much freedom to design the florals for their event.
Friday night Joelle and Chelsea put together the most darling boutonnières and Amber jumped in to help with market bouquets.  The studio was buzzing.
I am challenging myself to keep this blog current as we dive into our spring season- I find myself thinking about it all week.  I was inspired to do this by the series "This week on the farm" on the always amazing Floret blog. Looking forward to next week.