bridal bouquet

Hi! I'm Mariana, and I've loved flowers since I was a little girl, when I would play amongst the sunflowers and marigolds growing in my mother's garden.

I was fortunate to find my passion and start farming in 2008 after studying Organic Crop Production at the University of Florida. I found an incredible mentor in Rose Koenig, of Rosie’s Organic Farm, where I cultivated my love for growing seasonal flowers.

In 2014 I founded Ladybug Blooms, a passion project on the side as I also managed 7 acres of vegetable production at Swallowtail Farm. In 2019 after having my daughter, I finally took the leap to do flowers full time and start an urban flower farm and design studio in Gainesville.

Our designs are lush, wild and vibrant, with colors, shapes, and scents inspired by the bounty of what's blooming in our gardens.